Monday, October 01, 2007

read it and find out

Filibuster for Peace

"[On] the myth that the Democrats do not have the power to end the war because of an inevitable veto from Bush...

Nothing could be farther from the truth. The war demands funding, and a new supplemental funding will soon appear before Congress. That can be filibustered in the Senate, with only the 41 votes or abstentions required to sustain a filibuster. At that moment the legislation is dead. There is nothing to veto so Bush must come back with an acceptable bill. At the same time the Democrats could submit legislation to bring the occupying troops home quickly and safely. Let Bush veto that if he dares. There is already a national petition drive for this at and every Senator has received a copy of it.
Nancy Pelosi ... can simply refuse to bring Bush's supplemental requests to the floor. In this she has veto power as surely as the president."

John V. Walsh, MD
Professor of Physiology
University of Massachusetts Medical School

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