Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Oral's sex tips

Oral Roberts Sex Tape- Vintage Oral pontificating on the finer nuances of "Christian Copulation."

With a name like Oral, it's surprising the kind of conclusions he comes to regarding sex. "And if in your sexuality, you're outside of marriage with it, and you do anything with marriage outside of the male organ penetrating the vagina, you're outside of creation!" (Good, right!? But for him that's bad.) He discusses the possibility of using the orifices of the nose or ear for sex, so he's got a creative mind, but he dismisses those as impractical and comes to the conclusion that only penis-vagina sex is OK. But he finishes by boasting that he "can make your senses vaaah-brate," and saying, "Folks that tastes good and feels good, and I can't tell ya how good that feels and how good that tastes..."

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