Friday, October 26, 2007

The truth about race: humans are superior to dwarves but inferior to elves

White Fantasies About Race-Based Intelligence by Natalie Washington-Weik

"Let one just question the premise: what is race and what is intelligence? Neither idea is physical, fixed, nor cross-cultural. Certainly, race and intelligence are real-but only as a social construction."

'Race' of course means whatever arbitrary skin color-based grouping happens to exist in your country; 'intelligence' means how well one does on some form of the IQ test or the SAT. Even if you buy into the social constructions of 'race' and 'intelligence', then according to IQ testing 'Asians' would be the most 'intelligent' 'race'. 'Asians' of course means Indians/Pakistanis in Britain and east/southeast Asians in the U.S. Russians, Persians, Kazaks etc. aren't 'Asian' notwithstanding the continent they live on.

In my world, the least intelligent race on earth is whatever bunch of idiots doesn't see the absurdity in this.

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