Friday, October 05, 2007

On hip-pop

"Daydreaming" Lupe Fiasco

"...We need a few more half naked women up in the pool
And hold this MAC-10 that's all covered in jewels
And can you please put your titties closer to the 22s?
And where's the champagne? We need champagne
Now look as hard as you can with this blunt in your hand
And now hold up your chain slow motion through the flames
Now cue the smoke machines and the simulated rain
But not too loud 'cause the baby's sleepin'
I wonder if it knows what the world is keepin'
Up both sleeves while he lay there dreamin'
Me and my robot tip-toe 'round creepin'
I had to turn my back on what got you paid
I couldn't see, had the hood on me like Abu Ghraib
But I'd like to thank the streets that drove me crazy
And all the televisions out there that raised me, I was (dreaming)"

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