Friday, December 04, 2009

Proof of intelligent life on the planet

Frontline: The Women's Kingdom - In China, how free can a woman be? by Xiaoli Zhou

Here's one of the world's matriarchies that didn't get wiped out by a barbarian patriarchal society: "'Why would you want the marriage license to handcuff yourself?' a blunt-spoken Mosuo woman named Cha Cuo asks Zhou. For Mosuo women, it is not an idle question. In their matriarchal society, they do not marry. They practice what they call 'walking marriage' in which a woman may invite a man into her hut to spend a 'sweet night,' but he must leave by daybreak. If a pregnancy results from this union, the child will be raised by the woman and her family."

While men are widely considered to be more "unfaithful" than women, and so people think that monogamy favors women because they are more naturally monogamous, this is totally wrong. Women have adapted to the imposition of monogamy, which on a biological level is just a way for men to monopolize a woman for breeding purposes. Biologically speaking, while eggs are precious, even the best sperm is cheap. Therefore, sexual monogamy only makes biological sense for men because they have an acute evolutionary interest in monopolizing their partner's sexuality, and makes no biological sense for women who can get just as much (purely biological) reproductive benefit from a "faithful" man as from an "unfaithful" man. Monogamy evolved to benefit men by giving them social sanction to dominate female sexuality - this is clear by looking around the world and seeing that women are disproportionately and more harshly punished for breaking the monogamy taboo...

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