Tuesday, December 01, 2009

He may be a murderer, but at least he's hypocritical

New chapter in U.S.-India relations by Teresa Albano

Here is a real knee-slapper from Indian Prime Minister Manhoman Singh: "There are other things more important than GDP growth, Singh said - 'respect for human rights and multi-cultural rights. There are several dimensions of human freedom that aren't shown in GDP.'"

Singh, banking on the ignorance of his audience (good bet, by the way), tried to evade the obvious fact that any accurate comparison between India and China would be invidious in China's favor, by trumpeting India's wholly undeserved reputation for respecting "human rights" and "multi-cultural rights" and implying that China does not follow India's example.

Yeah, Manmohan, you are right. China does not follow India's example on human rights because China doesn't wage three simultaneous dirty wars against its own population in Kashmir, the Northeast, and the so-called "Red Corridor", resulting in thousands of deaths by violence every year. Not to mention the frequent pogroms in India led or collaborated in by government officials, against Muslims or Christians or Sikhs or potentially any non-right-wing-Hindu group. Maybe Manhoman should ask the 1-2 thousand Gujarati Muslims who in 2002 were... oh wait, they're dead, no one can ask them anything! Good thing there are 150,000 refugees of the pogrom, who could be asked to testify to the Indian state's respect for multi-cultural and human rights.

And that is only counting deaths by overt, fascist gang or military violence (aided by lovely laws that allow Indian state thugs to kill those merely suspected of "criminal" activity). Millions of people starve to death every year in "Shining" India (oh boy, do skeletons shimmer!)... though surely India's "respect" for human and multicultural rights is a great consolation to the starving dead and dying.

Unlike in China, where the disrespectful Chinese government forces its people - first by not killing them with bullets and bombs, and then by ensuring that they have food to eat - to face indignity over the course of a long life. The bastards! You tell 'em, Manhoman!

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