Tuesday, September 30, 2008

That's what democracy looks like!?

Dysfunction in Washington Exacts a Heavy Price by Gerald F. Seib

Penetrating analysis from Gerald Seib: our the political system isn't working, essentially, because legislation that the majority of voters did not want, was not passed. Unless he is an opponent of democracy (given the economic intelligentsia's recent lurch towards socialism, perhaps that is a risky assumption?), the problem he mentions is a problem with our public square, where voters would ideally learn about and debate ideas.

Regardless of how the citizenry is laughably mis-, dis-, and uninformed, I think they would go for a bailout plan that would operate like a private equity deal. They get "preferred stock and collateral from a bank borrowing from the taxpayers, both in the full amount of the loan sought by the bank. In other words, stock plus collateral in double the amount of the loan. Taxpayers profit from a bailout before anyone else does."

There: a solution that satisfies the "no-socialism-for-the-rich" left, and the masturbating-to-the-Market right, the latter who might like the thought of acting, as a taxpayer, like a real market participant.

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