Friday, September 26, 2008

Friedman's Disease vaccine

Video: Robert Fisk - ‘The Middle East Is Not a Complex Place’

Statistics show that people living in the U.S. have a greater risk of coming down with a case of being a total fucking idiot. Particularly when it comes to opinions about foreign countries. (Epidemiologists are studying promising linkages between television news and writers like Tom Friedman, and this epidemic of misinformed stupidity.)

In the meantime, inoculate yourself with a journalist who's lived a good part of his life in the Middle East, talking, living, eating, sharing, etc. with common people. Not exclusively foreign-educated policy professionals, economists, and CEOs, like that sack of wasted carbon, hydrogen and oxygen Friedman...

Oh, and here's a video of Tom Friedman demonstrating why the United States' plague of misinformation - and a resulting murderousness - deserves to be named after him:

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