Monday, June 30, 2008

Stop sexploitation, ignore exploitation

Sex Work is Different from Sex Slavery, aver Carnal Toilers by Martha Rosenberg

"The right-wing-backed human trafficking movement, part of the 'anti-prostitution industrial complex,' deliberately blurs the line between sex work and sex slavery to further its moralistic agenda and line its pockets said Jasmine, a [Sex Worker Outreach Project-Chicago] organizer at the presentation called Sex Workers, Criminalization and Human Rights.

It has duped many, including the media, into seeing 'sex slavery' where labor, immigration, gender and human rights abuses exist and occluded the plight of both consensual sex workers and women trafficked into household, farm and sweatshop work which is more common, charged Jasmine."

I can just imagine the anti-prostitution activists driving to a conference in a car manufactured by exploited Mexicans, made of metals mined by exploited Africans and South Americans, powered by oil drilled by exploited South and Central Asians, then drinking coffee grown by exploited Colombians all while wearing socks and underwear made by exploited Salvadorans and clothes by exploited Malays and Chinese (though carrying a made-in-the-USA purse made by exploited Samoans) - then walking up to the stage and podium made by exploited Central American undocumented immigrants, and speaking into a microphone powered by electricity generated by exploited nonunion plant workers about how prostitution is a singularly bad business because its workers are exploited.

Well, all its female workers at least - male sex workers don't seem to get much attention. Because to add another creamy layer of irony, these members of the "anti-prostitution industrial complex" adopt the patriarchal view that sex is everywhere and always an act during which men dominate and women are defiled.

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