Monday, June 23, 2008

Demonize the enemy, ignore the demon ally

Freedom of Expression and Human Rights in the Andes by Vincent Bevins

Why I feel compelled to vomit every time I hear that "freedom of expression" is threatened in "Chavez's" Venezuela:

"The public of the English-language press is convinced that Chavez is evil and freedom of expression here is nonexistent. It makes sense why the local private media in Venezuela and Ecuador would oppose its presidents and Uribe would be able to count on his. Uribe is openly an ally of the business interests which own the media, and Chavez and Correa have projects which frighten them. ... But why should the English-language media do the same, concentrating on every struggle or supposed violation in one country, but almost completely ignoring much more serious problems in another? In the end this raises more questions about the legitimacy of the major English-language media than about the situation in Venezuela."

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