Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pressure and the press

The Washington Post endorses Obama by Alex Lantier

"On the economy, the Post saw Obama as a conservative candidate, who would 'respond to the economic crisis with a healthy respect for markets' and oppose more left-leaning elements in his own party.

The Post noted the fact that Obama 'has surrounded himself with top-notch, experienced, centrist economic advisers [is] perhaps the best guarantee that...Mr. Obama will not ride into town determined to reinvent every policy wheel.' According to Obama’s comments at the October 15 presidential debate, these advisers include multibillionaire investor Warren Buffett and ex-Federal Reserve chairman Paul Volcker.
The Post added, 'A silver lining of the financial crisis may be the flexibility it gives Mr. Obama to override his own party who oppose open trade, as well as to pursue the entitlement reform that he surely understands is needed.' In other words, the Post calculates that Obama would use the crisis to justify cuts in social programs like Medicare and Social Security."

Yes, Virginia, the election of Obama is just the beginning. Without a sustained, organized effort to push Obama to the left, the only force operating will be the establishment - represented here by the Post - pushing him to the right.

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