Tuesday, April 15, 2008

If "terrorists" doesn't work out, we've got a backup official enemy

On Hypocrisy Over Tibet by John V. Whitbeck

I love listening to the U.S. government denounce the Chinese government for the latter's lack of respect for human rights - it's like watching a serial rapist berate Larry Flynt for degrading women. It's cheap irony, but good fun. I can't understand why anyone wouldn't enjoy this - after all, wouldn't it be a blast to watch a press conference where some grand dragon wizard from the Klu Klux Klan denounces Univision for disproportionately showing light-skinned Latin Americans in their broadcasts?

It's hard to pick a favorite aspect of this situation - is it that the U.S. government practices torture as an instrument of policy while its representatives criticize China's human rights standards? Or is it that Western media sources used images of Tibetan protests in Nepal - whose monarchical government, before it was overthrown by the Maoists, enjoyed friendly relations with the U.S. government - and pawned them off as pictures of Chinese police cracking down on peaceful protesters?

[The Washington Post expresses its regret that its graphic artists are on strike. The editorial board has taken on all Photoshop responsibilities.]

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