Thursday, September 13, 2007

This is the world's most influential magazine

The Economist: The World’s Sleaziest Magazine by Mark Ames

"...The Economist's record is so appallingly deceitful that it would require a separate article, and scores of beta-blockers just to read through without suffering a 10-valve thrombo." This article does not examine The Economist's entire record - only its recent coverage of Putin.

The Economist was founded by one James Wilson, who instituted an export-driven public finance strategy for India during the first years of direct British rule. Which happened to coincide with famines that killed tens of millions of Indians (but which shouldn't be considered to be caused by 'capitalism' in the way that 'communism' is surely to blame for the famine deaths in Mao's China, wink wink). Ah but the Market moves in mysterious ways, and The Economist has been there to praise It, whether It be starving millions of Indians or Irish to death.

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